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What service does SipCloak provide?

SipCloak allows you to advertise a SIP address of your own choosing, which points to your real SIP address. Essentially, it replaces, with, without requiring you to provide your own SIP server or negotiate with your SIP service. SipCloak is a redirect service, NOT a proxy service and therefore does not add any latency to calls. I imagine SipCloak will be most often used to match advertised sip addresses with email addresses - it's what I wrote it for.

For example, say your family or company name is Arbdomo, and you own the domain With just a few tweaks to your dns records, you can provide a unified, professional impression:

NameSip AccountSipCloak Address

SipCloak also forwards sip messages.

What do I need to use SipCloak?

You need your own private domain name with the ability to add SRV and TXT records.

How do I use SipCloak?

Login into your domain control system and add the following dns records, but change the TXT records to suit your purposes.

NameTypeRecord Data
_sip._udpSRV10 10 5060


When SipCloak receives a dial request, it discards non-alphanumeric characters, then prefixes sip-. Therefore, if your SipCloak address is crazy#8! your TXT entry should be sip-crazy8.

Working Examples

Sip AddressSipCloak Address

Terms of Use


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